An Overview of Eternal Praise

A large part of contemporary Europe’s cultural foundation may be traced back to the Ancient Greeks more than any other civilization. But some would argue that the current crop is collecting on that debt quite fine. Anyway, let’s not throw our hat into the ring of politics and instead focus on the far more fun task at hand: critiquing Just For The Win’s Immortal Glory, an Ancient Greece-themed slot game powered by Microgaming.

The Olympic Games, which originated in Ancient Greece and are being held today, are the most important legacy of the Greeks to modern sports lovers. When the Olympics began, they were only open to the Greeks. Now, however, almost the entire world participates. There are sports fans so enamored with the genre that they would tune in to see tiddlywinks if it were broadcast. Immortal Glory is aiming to appeal to your aggressive drive to win. You can win a substantial fixed jackpot while reliving the golden days of Ancient Greece in this Olympic-themed slot machine game.

Players line up at the starting line and place bets ranging from 10 p/c to $/€25 per spin in a magnificent ancient stadium set to stirring music and surrounded by raucous spectators. The RTP of 96.19% is slightly higher than typical, so players can cheer (or at least golf clap) as well. Due to the high degree of uncertainty, as measured by JFTW, it’s either win or go home. This competition is extremely difficult due to the high volatility and low hit rate of 21.6%.

The spin button puts in motion the 5-reel, 4-row grid, on which players attempt to score wins over the game’s 40 fixed paylines. To win, you need to get at least three identical symbols on adjacent reels, beginning with the first.

The pay tiles contain either four 1×1 tiles for low payouts or three 1×4 tiles for higher payouts. Reports suggest Although some of the ancient Greek games involved naked athletes, that sort of thing is not tolerated now. Instead of high-paying professions, we get a discus thrower, a runner, and a shot putter, all fully clothed, to represent low-paying sandals, discuses, shot throws, and a winners’ garland, respectively. Premiums can span across entire reels and result in full grid winnings because they exist in rows as high as 4. At 5 times the bet for 5 of a kind and 200 times for a complete screen, a curvy female shot putter is the most valued.

A line of five wilds pays out as much as the shot putt premium, or five times the wager. These wild torches only come piled across four reels and can replace all symbols save for the jackpot ones.

While jackpots are the most sought after prize, free spins and glory spins are also available. To kick things off, let’s talk about the game’s most appealing feature: the jackpot. The steps for winning are simple in theory, actually considerably difficult, of course. Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 trigger the feature.

Each time the number three appears, the reels shift to a new screen where the player can select one of three statues hidden from view. The three possible outcomes are bronze (worth 20x your stake), silver (worth 100x your stake), and gold (worth 10,000x your stake).

Wild stacks trigger free games. Wild stacks trigger 5 free games when they appear on the first and second reels, either completely or partially. When the free spins feature is activated, wild stacks take on the form of nudging wild stacks, which remain on the reels but shift down by one position with each play.

A Glory Spin is triggered if any nudge wild stacks are partially visible during the final spin. Wilds that are completely obscured by the nudge vanish, while those that are partially obscured expand to fill the entire reel. Thereafter, a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x is applied to any wins that occur on the glory spin.

Final Judgment: Eternal Fame

Other Ancient Olympic-themed slot machines are hard to come by. It’s commendable that Just For The Win took a risk like that. Even with its out-of-the-ordinary theme, Immortal Glory has one main focus: the massive Gold Jackpot. However, with a glory spin multiplier at its maximum of 10x, the maximum possible win is 2,000x. The second-place finisher is forgotten much like in the real Olympics.

However, the low payouts in the base game are balanced out by the low value symbols that can appear stacked. Perhaps we struck a snag in testing, but the chance of getting free spins has become almost legendary. They didn’t appear in the game until a very long time after they were introduced to the paytable, making it seem like Just for the Win had forgotten to actually implement them. We could feel what Usain Bolt must have felt like when he broke the 100-meter world record when it eventually happened. When it came to slots, free spins usually paid out okay, but we rarely got our hands on a glory spin. The free spins feature is a bonus for the Gold Jackpot, much like the rest of the game.

A rush of adrenaline is guaranteed when seeing the elusive three jackpot icons. There appear to be only three possible solutions, and all you have to do is pick the right one. Of course, things are rarely that simple in real life. The statistics for this game were obtained from almost a trillion virtual spins, which is an interesting fact. It would be fascinating to know the frequency of 10k jackpot wins over that time period.

Overall, Immortal Glory has its moments and can entertain those seeking a highly volatile slot with a reasonable fixed jackpot, some okay bonuses, and a novel theme.

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